If the question is that are e- cigs better than the traditional cigs then the answer would be yes! Definitely. But if the question raised is that does smoking an e- cigs has some benefits then the answer would not be a simple yes or a no, but that would require a cataloging of exhaustive list of the benefits of e- cigs. The idea of this webpage is to provide you with some information on the benefits associated with smoking an e- cigarette.

The first and the foremost advantage is that most of its users have actually switched from tobacco smoking to e- cigs because it can really help you in quitting the idea of smoking. An e- cig is a device that works with the help of a battery such that it is filled with nicotine which is further dissolved in water and propylene glycol and the entire look of the e- cig is similar to conventional cigarette. So no chance of missing your old cig!

Since an e- cig doesn’t produce smoke it is something that can be used anywhere. Moreover, the product has just been launched and is in its initial years of its product life cycle so it enjoys the freedom from strict laws regarding its usage. There have been doctors and nurses who have been found smoking in the nursing station because of this advantage, which simply proves that it is harmful for the people around

Moreover, there have been studies which have proved that people who switched from traditional tobacco smoking to e- cig with a sole motive of quitting the smoking habit have successfully attained the target. This e- cig provides them with nicotine, they crave for and the level of the same can be varied as per the need such that the total quantity of nicotine in the blood stays under control. Since it’s mixed with water, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, these components from nowhere can be categorized as the harmful ones and are found in asthma inhalers, toothpaste, eye drops and other medications as well. Also, the health risks associated with e- cigs are minimal and one can actually get free from the habit of smoking without exhibiting any withdrawal symptoms. Since no tar is produced by e- cigs so the amount of money that is spent in the case of traditional smoking so as to attain healthy teeth and for tooth whitening, it gets reduced.

E- cigs don’t make you smelly and just in case you are a hyper smell conscious person, then definitely the aroma produced by e- cig is of pleasant nature. There are no fire dangers associated with them. So definitely, no mis-happening can take place if you are using e- cig and are following all the guidelines specified by the manufacturer with respect to its charging and its usage. It’s a safe, clean smoking option for those who are environment friendly and every time they smoke a tobacco cigarette they become guilt conscious. This is so because e- cig allows you to smoke and no frequent cleaning of ash, match boxes, lighters, used butts is needed in this case.

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